Most SQL files contain interpreter commands such as DELIMITER that make passing the commands through to pymysql somewhat difficult, this code snippet allows you to separate out the statements in the sql file into a list for sequential execution.

Easily create a list of commands selectable with arrow keys.

I've been looking at walls of JSON for the last few days, and realized that I really shouldn't be doing that. So I made a script that will continuously indent and output a stream of JSON data formatted and indented properly.

I discovered this trick while trying to do some quick investigation in Vim, and not wanting to have to leave the editor, found a way to quickly replace Python code (or anything you can pipe to an external command) with it's output in Vim. What you do is, write the code inside a buffer, then select it in visual mode. Once it's selected, press : and you will get Vim's :'<,'> range, which means all the text between the beginning and end of the visual cursor.

Part 1 of a tutorial series on writing C extensions for Python 3. This part begins with teaching how to write Hello World to stdout using printf() from a C method implementation.

In this post, I show how I set up this blog step-by-step from square one using DigitalOcean, Flask, Python, Gunicorn, MongoDB and nginx.